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Changelog 11.06.2021
  • Added KeepAlive functionality for the websocket connection
  • Testing functionality: you will automatically unqueue if you close the page
Changelog 18.05.2021
  • Added reset password functionality
  • Added pages functionality
  • Added "How to use the platform" page
  • Added "How to give feedback" page
  • Added "Privacy Policy" page
  • Added "Registration agreement" page
  • Added "agreement checkboxes" to the registration page
  • Changed the errors on the registration page
Changelog 07.05.2021
  • Replaced output block of text with toasts top-right closeable notifications on sign to queue pages
Changelog 06.05.2021
  • Added visible info box notifying the user no game accounts added.
  • Added information on homepage.
  • Removed dummy texts
  • Added fallback image for LTD races
  • Added game modes in top menu
  • Added quality logo
  • Added check for game accounts on sign to queue page of any mode
  • Added sidebar latest winner of any kind on games open/closed/lobbies
  • Added info text and labels for Add game account form
  • removed game mode description on mode page as we're not ready with that one yet
  • Added tab alert and audio notification on game found
  • Added changelog page