How to become an Elite Hero Soul player

These are the steps necessary to play on this platform:

  1. 1. Register here

  2. 2. Once registered add your Server game account here

    We are aware that adding another account (the platform account) will not make people happy. However, we've simplified the registration so that the important step is actually linking a game account.

    By logging with your Game Server credentials you will bind your game account to the app account. This action is done only once!

  3. 3. Choose the game mode you'd like to play from either the homepage or the top menu

  4. 4. Once on the game mode's page, sign to the queue and wait for the perfect matchmaking that we can provide at that time

  5. 5. Once we find a game for you a sound will play and we'll give you the game name for you to join

  6. 6. You then have 5 minutes to join the game.

    When ladders will be released, failing to join a game will result in a punishment.