How to give good feedback

One of the most important parts of releasing a feature/app is tthe community's feedback.

We've always tried to listen and get involved in constructive feedback. Having said that, we'll try to do it as best as possible with this new adventure too.

The main location where we'll be the most responsive is going to be our discord server . That's where we encourage you to do so.

Keep these simple things in mind when giving us your opinion.

  1. 1. Skip the "how/why" assumptions.
  2. 2. Suggest potential solutions, but do not expect them.
  3. 3. Most of the time you’re right, so think that every change is hard to make.
  4. 4. Appreciate but do not expect any information on future changes.
  5. 5. Understand all games/game apps have bugs, you might find a bug we haven't, and your bug might be there forever.